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Consider Interest Rates

There are a lot of Vippihuoneen pikalainat out there. In fact, every time you pass one, you’d probably think who gets them and how much they’d repay for fast cash.

On Why People Like Payday Loans

A Credit Canada Debt Solutions is a nonprofit organization that aims to help clients who borrow money to cut their expenses including interest expenses.  Kenneth Jones, a client of this organization, was asked why he likes acquiring payday loans.

Jones said, “I’m on Ontario Disability Support, which doesn’t pay much. Once my rent is taken off the top, I bring home $871.50 a month.” (more…)

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Personal Finance: What you Should Teach Your Children at a Young Age

If there’d be one subject that can greatly impact the kids throughout their lives, it would be personal finance. Sadly, though, it’s one of the subjects that no one wants to teach them primarily because the parents themselves have a hard time dealing with finances and they’d just want to ignore subject.

Note, however, that it is not yet too late to repair problems in personal finance and having financial problems can be inevitable. One can hire the services of credit repair companies that’ll give you some solutions that can soon be taught to your kids.

Gregg Murset, CEO of My Job Chart, said “The practicality of teaching finance to kids is so important… it’s the one topic that they’ll actually use for the rest of their lives every day. But it’s the one topic that isn’t really taught.”

credit repair companies

Here are some terms that experts say your kids should learn. It includes the appropriate age where you can teach the concept to them.

Savings (4 years old and up)

Savings is one of the best subjects to teach your children at a young age. This is primarily because it’s easy for kids to grasp the concept and it may have a huge impact to those who’ll embrace it early. Stacy Francis, the president and CEO of Francis Financial, said, “Saving means not using all of your money right away, but instead putting it aside for later.”

Budget (8 years old)

Having a budget means you are keeping track of your money and where it is or where it should be going. One of the popular ways that help parents teach kids on budgeting is the “give, save, & spend jars”; this enables kids to divide money between the jars. The “save” jar is the money allocated for long-term goals; the “spend” jar can be used for small purchases anytime; and the “give” jar will go to their chosen charity.

Loan (8 years old)

A loan is money or a thing borrowed that needs to be returned with interest. Although most kids get the general concept of a loan because chances are, they’ve lent something to their siblings or friends and expected that they’d get them back. Although taking out loans isn’t an entirely bad thing, parents should stress out that when loaning, it’s their responsibility to pay back what was borrowed.

Interest (8 to 10 years old)

Interest should be viewed in two perspectives: it is something you pay for when you borrow money or something that you earn when you let someone borrow your money. The Vice President of Prosperity Bank, Elizabeth Grahsl, said, “You would earn interest, if for example, ‘your sister runs out of her allowance but needs money this weekend. You could lend her $20 but charge her $2 in interest, which she will have to pay you back next week’.”

Investment (10 to 12 years old)

Investments are something that you will spend your money where you will earn profit in the long run. You should emphasize to your kids, however, that although investing in things may make them more money, it doesn’t always go that way. This is why it is a bad idea to put all the money in a risky investment; primarily because if it fails, you could lose everything.

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Millions are Going to Be Compensated after Being Sold with Unnecessary Cover of Credit Card

The compensation will be around £25 each year for the products of AIB Group to about 2 million people after they were sold with a credit card cover which they did not need. This is revealed by the Financial Conduct Authority this week. One of the major features of the AIB Group products was an insurance that covers fraudulent use if the card was stolen or lost. However, this feature was unnecessary because the issuers of the card are responsible for any transactions when the cards are reported as stolen or lost.

From the recent news, compensation is estimated at £25 each year; they trade in Northern Ireland as First Trust Bank and in Britain as Allied Irish Bank, Capital One, Barclays, HSBC, Northern Bank which is trading as Danske Bank, Lloyds, Tesco Personal Finance, Santander, Royal Bank of Scotland and Co-operative Bank. Eligible customers will be able to get a letter in the succeeding weeks from the Al Scheme Limited and they are allowed to vote on what scheme will be used in April or May.

Homeowner loans

The City watchdog has warned the consumers to avoid companies of claims-management when they seek compensation. This news is a proof that there are so many individuals getting into too much debt or unnecessary debts because of the credit cards they own. An individual owns more than two credit cards, if the owner cannot control his spending, then he will be left with so much debt in the future. This is one of the major reasons why people are getting loans from lenders to pay high credit card bills, what is more frustrating is that they get a secured loan. One of the lending companies that provide such loan is the Homeowner loans.

A borrower can secure a loan amounting from 5,000 euros to 250,000 euros and what is more beneficial for those who badly needs money is that they have low APR. Also, the loans are tailored depending on the personal situation of the borrower and they cater to both good and bad credit applicants. Every loan application is evaluated thoroughly, so this is a clear indication that they accept applicants from various backgrounds. However, before you apply for a secured loan, you must comply with the requirements such as the capability to repay within the agreement – more than 18 years old residing in the UK and must be employed.

This news involving about 2 million people is a milestone in helping credit card owners who are coping with the skyrocketing interest rates and hidden fees charged like the products of AIB Group.

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People Can Live Without These Financial Parasites

Four years ago, a new business was launched in Oakland, California; it is a non-profit check encashment company at the same time a payday lender. The owner of the business wanted to introduce a business which can be an alternative to the financial parasites like the check cashers for profit and the traditional payday lenders. The company survived from all its competitors but most especially, it is growing stronger each day. The man behind the success story of the business is Dan Leibson, he is the founder and the company’s former Executive Director which is the Low Income Investment Fund formerly known as the Low Income Housing Fund. Currently, he is handling another non-profit company, the Community Development Finance (CDF) with the same aim, to challenge businessmen who take advantage of enforcing very high interest rates and hidden fees.

With so many payday lenders, the people who are in need of money can quickly resort to these companies but to compare payday loans, there are some companies that have lower interest rates and other fees like the Swift Money payday loans. They are aware that payday loan lenders get a bad reputation because they are an expensive alternative of the traditional financing options like personal loans and credit cards. The truth is, the company offers cheaper charges in late payment fees, overdraft fees and interest rate.

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UK’s Financial Services Expands in Volume

United Kingdom’s financial services companies and firms, such as Uncle Buck payday loan direct lender, foresee business volumes to keep increasing during the first quarter of his year. This will then be considered as the strongest expansion since 1996 in the past 3 months.

Approximately 65% of the firms expect a rise, while 6% forecasts a decline, according to the survey conducted by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), that represent about 190,000 businesses that have about 7 million employees in various industries in the UK. About 64% of companies report that there will be higher business volumes during the 4th quarter, meanwhile 7% say they were down. (more…)

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A Good Year for Housing Finance Companies

Big banks have always been the darlings of the quickquid promo code market. Now, it’s the turn of housing finance companies.

Shares of GIC Housing Finance, Canfin Homes, Repco Home Finance, Gruh Finance, Dewan Housing Finance, and Indiabuills Housing Finance have increased between 10 to 50 percent over the past months as cheap valuations, hope of rate cuts, and strong growth potentials have encouraged large domestic investors to buy from them.

Santosh Singh, the head of the research department of Espirito Santo Securities, said “Housing finance companies have been the favorite of investors of late because they are the biggest beneficiaries among finance companies as the cost of funds is falling faster than lending rates and a rate cut is expected any time soon. These stocks underperformed in the past two years, thought there was no slowdown in the home lending sector.”

Housing Finance has increased more than 50% last month, while the shares of Canfin Housing, has peaked last Monday, increasing nearly 37%. Both of these stocks are currently trading at least 15 times their earnings per share over 12 months. Meanwhile, Housing Development Finance Corporation, which is the market leader, has just increased 2.7% last month, as investors has remained neutral on the stocks because of their expensive valuation. Sensex, which is the benchmark, has only increased by 1% last month.

Reasons Why You’re Poor

A lot of Americans have problems in handling their finances that they end up being broke month after month. Their overspending dries out their finances, even if their income is way above the poverty line. If you are experiencing this, you might as well look for a great article on how credit repair services work. But here are some of the reasons why you will always be considered poor.

Debt Trap

When you are desperate for money because you’re poor, it is relatively easy to get stuck in a debt trap. More often than not, you would resort to payday loans, debt settlement scam, or even using credit card advances to pay for immediate expenses. And frequently, these decisions are made without really being thought over, resulting to a debt trap.


When you are in a financial crisis, you’d normally feel powerless to do just about anything to change your situation.

“Giving into those feelings of helplessness will only hurt you. By getting accurate, unbiased knowledge and advice, people can feel empowered and confident in their personal finance decisions. They can then take steps to make a better financial future,” said AJ Smith, the Vice President of Content Strategy and the managing editor of Smart Asset.

great article on how credit repair services work

Costly Mortgages

It is a general rule of thumb that you must try to keep your housing expenses below 20% of your income. If you go higher than that, then you are spending way too much; thus, consider moving to a cheaper residence.

High Spending

According to the founder of Side Hustle Nation, Nick Loper, the reason why people end up broke is that they spend more than what they are making. Try to spend less and remember to only live within your means. Work hard in order to earn more for you to be able to have more breathing room in terms of finances.

Warning: Online Ads May Creep Out Customers

Online marketing is now becoming a necessity for all online business owners. Businesses need to be visible to internet users to direct visitors to their websites. This is made possible with advertisements and campaigns. In addition, the use of ads became very helpful to get high sales at the end of the day.

However, according to a new research, online ads seen in certain domains with high Page Rank or even in those with low PR seem to be creepy for many online users. This leads them to buying goods and services that you are promoting from other providers. According to Lisa Barnard, who is the author of this study and a professor of integrated marketing communications at Ithaca College, “My experience was that consumers’ reactions to it were not good.” She also added: “They found it to be really creepy.”

What does “creepy” mean?

According to the author of the study, the word “creepiness” here means the customers’ negative feeling when they find the ads too personal or directed into them personally. This ad becomes too personal as it uses certain data which are not even provided by the consumers just like their browsing history.

The Study

The study began with 200 college students who were shown from a mock shipping site wherein USB and acne cream ads are posted. Most students selected acne cream. After such, participants were allowed to view their Facebook’s newsfeeds. Some saw the same ads, some saw a different one and some saw promotion for college students in the school they are in.

These students were then asked about their reaction to the “creepiness” of the ads and the result shows that their interest in buying the product has decreased to 5% while some were not really affected.

According to Barnard, it is not ideal to tailor the ads to the point that they get creepy to the consumers as this will profoundly affect their businesses.

Know Your Rights Against Lenders

Threatening customers is the most common tactic used by pay day loan lenders against their customers. In fact, they threaten through fake visits as well as legal actions and often, ignored the customers’ vulnerability, as revealed in the reports. According to the report of the Financial Conduct Authority, thuggish behavior of payday lenders has emerged in the report they recently compiled. The FCA is also the regulating body of payday lenders which started one year ago.

According to Richard Lloyd, consumer watchdog’s executive director, lenders failed some of the consumers who are most vulnerable. Some of the lenders left the letters of the customers unopened for weeks; this means that they have not understood why debts were not paid. The regulator said that in most cases, the customers were continuously chased with their debts by sending emails, letters and phone calls.

There are various ways how payday lenders scare their customers like the following:

  • Some payday lenders send text messages to borrowers who have late payments, the messages threaten them of home visits or even going to their workplace.
  • Other lenders will pretend of taking legal action, even if they do not have the intention of filing a case.
  • Payday lenders do not bother to open the letters from their customers. Aside from sending text messages and letters to their customers, they have also failed in opening crucial letters from the advisers of debt. This means that the medical conditions as well as other important information of customers never emerged.
  • In one case, interest payments have increased than the original agreement because of the company’s faulty IT system and they never bothered to correct the figures.
  • Customers get into so much debt since some firms did not tell their customers about management advice services.

When confronted with harassment, here are your rights:

  • If you obtain a loan and you find it very hard to pay back, the law says that payday lenders should help you.
  • You must be offered with reasonable opportunity and time to repay debts.
  • The payday lender must not refuse when you want to negotiate.
  • It is appropriate for every payday lender to give the customers information and debt advice which is free and independent.
  • The payday lender must not pursue any customer to pay someone else’s debts.

Finally, lenders must operate according to the present rules and it is evident that there are more to observe now than in the past. They must be aware of the changes and abide with the new ones, not just to protect their business but also to consider social responsibility.

FTC: Low-Income Americans Who Have Low Credit Scores Do Not Need Professional Help

The Federal Trade Commission said in a recent report that Americans should be warned about an industry that helps repair financial work since it is vulnerable to abuse. In addition, the FTC noted that existing credit repair companies reached thousands but most of them are making questionable high claims of their clients. There are some players in the industry which are operating legally and above-board with the aim of helping Americans to improve financial standing. However, FTC said that consumers do not need their help even with the best credit repair company; most of all, they will be spared from hundreds of dollars as professional fees.

This industry has undoubtedly capitalized the consumers who were badly affected by the financial crash during the Great Recession, leaving these people struggling even if the economy has already recovered. Also, the standards of the lenders have tightened after the Great Recession, this paves way to the increasing importance of having a good credit score; it should be a three-digit score in the past seven years or more. The problem is that in the last seven years, data showed that it is the highest level in terms of late debt payments.

As of today, the number of credit repair companies operating in the US is from 5,000 to 7,000, the figure doubled after the financial crisis. Many are small new companies, started by former auto dealers or mortgage brokers who are familiar with credit scores but whose companies have suffered because of the major downturns. The FTC already pursued over 160 cases against these companies in more than a decade, a very small percentage from over 2,000 complaints received by the agency.  For instance, there is a company based in Texas that charged $2,000 from their clients, a company based in California claiming to have special connections with collection companies and creditors, a company based in Florida advertising they can boost credit score to 700 or more in just 30 days but requires advanced payments and many more related cases. Credit repair companies like these three and many more were charged of financial penalties and they have to face the court and pay imposed damages.

Consumers should remember that an established credit repair company like the Lexington Law does not charge excessive fees or too-good-to-be-true promises; they help by letting the consumer understand about the complexity of consumer protection laws that includes student loans and debt collection. A credible credit repair is not about to dispute everything.

From the report given by the FTC, they said that the consumers do not need the expertise of credit repair companies; they can solve their problems on their own. However, if they will ask help from one of the them, they must be certain they are dealing with a credible credit repair company.

Gold Trading of Shanghai Is London’s Real Challenge?

Everyone thinks that the challenge of Shanghai’s gold trading in London is important since gold traders worldwide see it as the gateway for the huge gold demand in China. However, this is wrong because the real importance of this recent news is that China can challenge the dominance of London. The UK and China are different in terms of gold; China is the number one gold-mining producer, number one consumer and number one importer. On the other hand, London is a contrast, despite their record of household debt which is equivalent to 140% of the income, they do not have gold jewellery demand while private investment demand is very tiny than the big buyers of Asia.

In terms of supply with the UK, they do not have any output of goldmine since 1938 and they do not have accredited refineries to produce large wholesale bars. With these data, you might think that China has a major role of gold in the international market compared to the UK. The truth is that, after 300 years of UK’s introduction of gold, London remains the global gold flows’ center, pricing and trading. Since 2004, even if they do not have an output of domestic mine, they have a never ending demand. They were able to keep up with these demands through importing more than 6,800 tons of gold more than China and next to India, the former number one buyer worldwide. Also, they exported about 5,000 tons more than any nation except Switzerland which is the number one bar refiner. When you look at the global market, the demand each year is only 4,500 tons. Since London is the world’s heart of the gold bullion market and has been wholesale trade’s vaulting point, they were named as the world’s number one exporter and importer in 2013.


The relationship is very clear with prices, when the trade data of the UK is showing a pile up of gold in the vaults of London, the prices tend to increase but when the accumulation rate is slowing, the prices will fall. On analysis, the months when the Dollar gold prices increased, the net demand of gold reached 38 tons but if the prices fall down, the vaults of London lost about 16 tons each month. This is excluding 2013’s gold-price crash but the same pattern showed. When Dollar prices fall, average net inflows were only 15 tons each month from 2005 to 2012 but when the prices are rising, the London vaults have increased to 48 tons each month.

This means that the change of London’s vaulted gold plays a major impact to the prices of gold worldwide than what is happening in China. With the increasing demand for gold, this is the best time to invest. To have a better understanding on how to invest in gold you can visit GoldIRAReporter.com, they will explain the benefits and how gold can withstand inflation and economic challenges.

The Best Internet Marketing Strategies

A new year always come with changes, not only for ourselves, but for our businesses as well. As the World Wide Web continues to change, the marketing practices on SEO, organic search, content marketing, paid advertising, and social media interactions will also change. Regardless of what industry a business belongs to, there will be an increase in the adoption and the use of internet to give out information, gain brand awareness, and boost sales.

Social Media

The social media is among the marketing strategies used in every industry in the market today. Even lawyers, nutritionists, hospice care, and fitness centers need to be visible in various social media sites to gain more customers. Social media is also one of the best ways to make your brand visible and accessible while encouraging reviews about your products or services. Being part of the social media will enhance your search engine rankings, online visibility, as well as brand awareness. All types of business should learn to get around with social media, or otherwise be left behind in the next years.

Dave Snyder

Mobile Marketing

Your company websites should be available in mobile versions since most people use their smartphones to access internet information anytime, anywhere. According to Ashford Realty Group, “94% of homebuyers start their home search online. Mobile marketing and internet marketing, in general, is critical for properly advertising client listings.”

Targeted Advertising

Have you ever searched a company’s website to check out their products and later found out that they also have ads on other sites? This is what you call target advertising. It appears anywhere from your e-mail’s inbox to social media pages or even some of the news sites. These are ads that are designed to increase site visitors, thus increasing visibility and conversion rates.

SEO and Content Marketing

These two marketing concepts have been used interchangeably since last year. Marketing strategists have found that premium content that have a certain amount of keywords and link usage would help enhance and increase search engine rankings. SEO will still be on the technical side of website visibility improvement; however, focusing on quality content will do the trick in the ranking of the companies online. Dave Snyder, the CEO of CopyPress, believes that focusing on content scaling and its life cycle will do well in increasing profits and customers. Instead of websites that have a lot pages, reorganized content that is brief and satisfying for visitors will become more common. Look for service industries that make use of content marketing to promote their services based on actual research and true success stories.

Nonetheless, incorporating a marketing strategy is not just about integrating new marketing trends. It’s also about looking for ways that will best suit your needs and improving them. Regardless of the industry, companies need to find a way to appropriately engage on social media. Choose a social media site that is significant to your market than the others. The concept of visibility is the same for all industries: use what would work for you.